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   1. Only recently ____ to realize the dangers caffeine(咖啡因) might bring to our health. 
   A.that scientists began 
   B. have scientists begun 
   C.scientists have begun 
   D.that did scientists begin 
   2. We don’t need air conditioning,______ . 
   A. nor can we afford it 
   B.and nor we can afford it 
   C.neither can afford it 
   D.and we can neither afford it 
   3. _______ for my illness I would have lent him a helping hand. 
   A.Not being 
   B.Had it not been 
   C.Without being 
   D.Not having been 
   4.______ as it was at such a time, his work attracted much attention. 
   A.Being published 
   D.To be published 
   5.Hardly anything ______ more than the happiness of seeing someone using his device for treatment. 
   A.please him 
   B.does please him 
   C.pleases him 
   D.does him please 
   6. So little ______ about physics that the lecture was completely beyond me. 
   A. I knew 
   B.did I know 
   C.I had known 
   D. had I known 
   7._______ fairly recently _____solved, at least partially. 
   A. Until/ that this problem was 
   B.It was until /that this problem was 
   C.Not until/was this problem 
   D.It was not until/when thisproblem was 
   8.Only after he has acquired considerable facility in speaking _____to learn to read and write. 
   A. he began 
   B. will he begin 
   C.did he begin 
   D.must he begin 
   9.Busy ______ he is ,he can fulfill the task ahead of schedule. 
   B. as 
   C. no matter how 
   10.By no means ______ create or destroy energy. 
   A. we can 
   B.we can’t 
   C.can we 
   D.shall we 
   参考答案:B A B B C B C B B C