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  1. 人们对这个问题的看法各不相同。Different people have (= hold) different opinions (=views) on this question (=problem, matter).

  有些人认为 … ;其他争辩说 … ;还有一些主张 …

  Some believe that ... Others argue that .... Still others maintain that ...

  人们对旅游业的看法各不相同。有些人认为,旅游业是浪费金钱和时间。另一些人则争辩说,中国是一个具有5000年历史的文明古国, 并且有自己的传统文化,它和西方文化截然不同。旅游业有助于文化交流和各国人民之间的友谊和了解。我认为,第1种看法是片面的。发展旅游业是非常重要的。各国应该互相了解、互相学习以便促进我们和平和发展的共同事业。

  People their opinions on tourist industry. Some believe that tourism is a waste of money and time. Others argue that China is an ancient civilized nation with a history of 5000 years and has its own traditional culture, which is quite different from that in the western countries. Tourism to the cultural exchanges between countries and to the friendship and understanding of the peoples all over the world. , the first view is one-sided. Tourism is of great importance now. All nations should understand each other and learn from each other to ___________our common cause of peace and development. (105 words)

  2. 他们的观点各不相同。They are quite different from each other in their opinions.

  3. 有些人持这样的观点:孩子少是好事。 Some people hold the opinion that it is good to have a small family.

  4. 他们对这个问题的态度大相径庭。They think quite differently on this question.

  5. 他们对噪音问题的态度截然不同。They differ greatly in their attitudes towards noise problem.


  Parents and children think differently on this question. Parents hold that children should work hard and do well at school. Children, however, maintain that they should have more freedom to spend their leisure time and to plan for their own future.