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  The London Stock Exchange has been famous as a place for men only, and women used to be strictly forbidden to enter. But the world is changing day by day, and even the Stock Exchange, which seemed to be a men's castle, is gradually opening its doors to the other sex. On 16th November 1971, a great decision was taken. The Stock Exchange Council (the body of men that administers the Stock Exchange ) decided that women should be allowed onto the new trading floor when it opened in 1973. But the "castle" had not been completely conquered. The first girls to work in "The House" were not brokers or jobbers. They were neither allowed to become partners in stockbroking firms, nor to be authorized dealers in stocks and shares. They were simply junior clerks and telephone operators.

  Women have been trying to get into the Stock Exchange for many years. Several votes have been taken in "The House" to see whether the members would be willing to allow women to become members, but the answer has always been "No". There have been three refusals of this kind since 1967. Now women are admitted, although in a very junior capacity. Two forms of jobbers made an application to the Stock Exchange Council to be allowed to employ girl clerks. Permission was finally given. A member of the Stock Exchange explained, after this news had been given, "The new floor is going to be different from the old one. All the jobbers will have their own stands, with space for a telephone and typewriters, Therefore there will have to be typists and telephone operators. So women must be allowed in." This decision did not mean a very great victory in the war for equal rights for women. However, it was a step in the right direction. The Chairman of the new building will eventually lead to women being allowed to have full membership of the Stock Exchange. It is only a matter of time; it must happen.

  1.The London Stock Exchange is famous____.

  A.for its favorable location

  B.for its policy of opening its doors to women

  C.because it has been a place for men only

  D.because women are now beginning to enter its doors to work

  2.Several votes have been taken in "The House"____. see if women were willing to become members decide when women would be allowed into "The House" find out whether the members were willing to allow women to become members decide when to allow women onto the new trading floor

  3.Which of the following is true?

  A.Since 1973 women have been allowed to work with the London Stock Exchange.

  B.Women have always been refused participation in stock trading.

  C.Women were never officially allowed to enter the Stock Exchange.

  D.Men have been trying to get into the Stock Exchange.

  4.What is this article about?

  A.Women's place in society.

  B.How the London Stock Exchange functioned in 1971.

  C.How women have been struggling for full membership of the Stock Exchange.

  D.How women were gradually allowed to work in the Stock Exchange.

  参考答案:C C A D