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  A few common misconceptions. Beauty is only skin-deep. One's physical assets and liabilities don't count all that much in a managerial career. A woman should always try to look her best.

  Over the last 30 years, social scientists have conducted more than 1,000 studies of how we react to beautiful and not-so-beautiful people. The virtually unanimous conclusion: Looks do matter, more than most of us realize. The data suggest, for example, that physically attractive individuals are more likely to be treated well by their parents, sought out as friends, and pursued romantically. With the possible exception of women seeking managerial jobs, they are also more likely to be hired, paid well, and promoted.

  Un-American, you say, unfair and extremely unbelievable? Once again, the scientists have caught us mouthing pieties (虔诚) while acting just the contrary. Their typical experiment works something like this. They give each member of a group-college students, perhaps, or teachers or corporate personnel managers- a piece of paper relating an individual's accomplishments. Attached to the paper is a photograph. While the papers all say exactly the same thing the pictures are different. Some show a strikingly attractive person, some an average-looking character, and some an unusually unattractive human being. Group members are asked to rate the individual on certain attributes, anything from personal warmth to the likelihood that he or she will be promoted.

  Almost invariably, the better looking the person in the picture, the higher the person is rated. In the phrase, borrowed from Salppho, that the social scientists use to sum up the common perception, what is beautiful is good.

  In business, however, good looks cut both ways for women, and deeper than for men. A Utah State University professor, who is an authority on the subject, explains: In terms of their careers, the impact of physical attractiveness on males is only modest. But its potential impact on females can be tremendous, making its easier, for example, for the more attractive to get jobs where they are in the public eye. On another note, though, there is enough literature now for us to conclude that attractive women who aspire to managerial positions do not get on as well as women who may be less attractive.

  1. According to the passage, people often wrongly believe that in pursuing a career as manager_____.

  A. a person's property or debts do not matter much

  B. a person's outward appearance is not a critical qualification

  C. women should always dress fashionably

  D. women should not only be attractive but also high-minded

  2. The result of research carried out by social scientists show that .

  A. people do not realize the importance of looking one's best

  B. women in pursuit of managerial jobs are not likely to be paid well

  C. good-looking women aspire to managerial positions

  D. attractive people generally have an advantage over those who are not

  3. Experments by scientists have shown that when people evaluate individuals on certain attributes .

  A. they observe the principle that beauty is only skin-deep

  B. they do not usually act according to the views they support

  C. they give ordinary-looking persons the lowest ratings

  D. they tend to base their judgment on the individual's accomplishments

  4. "Good looks cut both ways for women" (Line 1, Para. 5) means that .

  A. attractive women have tremendous potential impact on public jobs

  B. good-looking women always get the best of everything

  C. being attractive is not always an advantage for women

  D. attractive women do not do as well as unattractive women in managerial positions

  5. It can inferred from the passage that in the business world .

  A. handsome men are not affected as much by their looks as attractive women are

  B. physically attractive women who are in the public eye usually do quite well

  C. physically attractive men and women who are in the public eye usually get ahmg quite well

  D. good looks are important for women as they are for men

  参考答案:B D B C C