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  Silicon Valley is a magnet to which numerous talented engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs from overseas flock to in search of fame, fast money and to participate in a technological revolution whose impact on mankind will surely surpass the epoch-making European Renaissance and Industrial Revolution of the bygone age.

  With the rapid spread of the Internet and the relentless technological innovations generated through it, the information era is truly upon us, profoundly influencing and changing not only our lifestyle, but also the way we work, do business, think and communicate with others.

  It is noteworthy that close to 50% of its skilled manpower, including engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs, come from Asia. Prominent among them are Indians and Chinese, and not a few Singaporeans.

  Intellectual challenges aside, it is a common practice for start-ups to offer generous share options to employees in order to attract the right talent into their folds. This is a powerful incentive to motivate the staff to do their utmost and to share in the company's prosperity if it reaches its goal. Many regard this as the foundation of a successful enterprise.(184 words)

  1. Why is Silicon Valley compared with a magnet? Because

  A. it is very famous.

  B. it attracted numerous talented people.

  C. numerous talented people flock to it.

  D. its impact will surpass European Renaissance and Industrial Revolution.

  2. What does “it” in 2nd paragraph refer to?

  A. the Internet

  B. the rapid spread of the Internet

  C. the information era

  D. our lifestyle

  3. What does “its” in 2nd paragraph mean??

  A. Silicon Valley’s

  B. the Internet’s

  C. Asia’s

  D. America’s

  4. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the common practice for start-ups?

  A. Intellectual challenges.

  B. Generous share options.

  C. Sharing in the company's prosperity.

  D. A successful enterprise.

  5. The main idea of the passage is

  A. Silicon Valley’s success

  B. the information era upon us

  C. Intellectual challenges

  D. practice of successful enterprise