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  Directions: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words
  from the box. Change the form if necessary.
  maintain     neglect    loosen    multiply
  keep   jealous     manner        liable
  nerve      minority
  1)  Mark is especially ________ to lose his temper
  before his employees.
  2)  The rapid development of communications
  technology is transforming the _________ in
  which people communicate across time and space.
  3)  She was so ________ that she wouldn’t
  let her husband dance with anyone else.
  4)  The little girl was so frightened that she just
  wouldn’t ________ her grip on her mother’s arm.
  5)  Throughout his life, Henry ________ an
  interest in encouraging are in the city.
  6)  Do you have the _________ to disobey your parents?
  7)  Most nurses are women, but in the higher ranks of the
  medical profession women are in a __________.
  8)  The president promised to _______________ all the
  board members informed of how the negotiations were going on.
  9)  Your assistance ___________ our chances of success.
  10) The joys of travel, having long ___________ the disabled,
  are opening up to virtually anyone who has the means.
  1) liable
  2) manner
  3) jealous
  4) loosen
  5) maintained
  6) nerve
  7) minority
  8) keep
  9) multiplied
  10) neglected