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1. Advertises often aim their campaigns at young people as they have considerable spending

A. power B. force C. energy D. ability

2. We've bought some ______ chairs for the garden so that they are easy to store away
A. adapting B. adjusting C. binding D. folding

3. The new speed restrictions were a ______ debated issue,
A. heavily B. hotly C. deeply D. profoundly

4. His change of job has ____ him with a new challenge in life
A. introduced B. initiated C. presented D. led

5. No _____you're hungry if you haven't eaten since yesterday
A. matter B. surprise C. wonder D. problem

6. The pianist played beautifully, showing a real _____ for the music
A. feeling B. understanding C. appreciation D. sense

7. The boss into a rage and started shouting at Robert to do as he was told
A. flew B. charged C. rushed D. burst

8. Politicians should never lose ______ of the needs of the people they represent
A. view B. sight C. regard D. prospect

9. The employees tried to settle the dispute by direct _____with the boss
A, negotiation B. connection C. association D. communication

10. You haven't heard all the facts so don't _____ to conclusions
A. dash B. jump C. much D. fly

11. I am _____ aware of the need to obey the vales of the competition
A. greatly B. far C. much D. well

12. The manager has always attended to the _____ of important business himself
A. transaction B. solution C. translation D. stimulation

13. As is known to all a country gets a (an) ______from taxes
A income B. revenue C. Rind D. payment

I4, The government has decided to reduce ______ on all imports.
A. fee B. charge C. tariff D. tuition

15. The need for financial provision not only to producers but also to consumers
A. connects B. links C .associates D. relates

16. The ability of bank to create deposits is determined by the ratio of liouid assets

which they___.

A. mount. B. contain C. remain D. maintain

17 .The first serious prospect of a cure for Aids_____ a treatment which delays its effects

ha emerged

A. other than B. rather than C. more than D. less than

18. His parents died when he was young, so he was ____ by his grandma
A. bred B. brought C. fed D. grown

19.The Japanese dollar-buying makes traders eager to ______dollars in fear of another

government inter
A. let in B. let out C. let go of D. let off

20. The local people could hardly think of any good way to ______ the disaster of the war
A. shake off B. get off C. put off D. take off