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  1. As a defense against air-pollution damage, many plants and animals_________ a substance to absorb harmful chemicals.
  A. relieve
  B. release
  C. dismiss
  D. disclose

  2. As a matter of rule, the scrap value of a vessel can hardly be at ________ with the sound value.
  A. par
  B. bearish
  C. collapse
  D. rally

  3. As a salesman, he works on a (an) ________ basis, taking 10% of everything he sells.
  A. income
  B. commission
  C. salary
  D. pension

  4. As all of us know, color-blind people often find it difficult to ________ between blue and green.
  A. separate
  B. distinguish
  C. compare
  D. contrast

  5. As everyone knows, the exchange ________ fluctuates almost daily.
  A. ration
  B. ratio
  C. rate
  D. interest

  6 As far as the rank of position is concerned, an associate professor is ________to a professor, though they are almost equally knowledgeable.
  A. attached
  B. subsidiary
  C. previous
  D. inferior

  7. As I was just getting familiar with this job, 1 had_________ to ask my boss.
  A. many
  B. most
  C. much
  D. more

  8. As is well-known, knowledge is the __________condition for expansion of mind.
  A. indispensable
  B. indefinite
  C. inevitable
  D. impossible

  9. As scheduled, the communications satellite went into _________ round the earth.
  A. circle
  B. orbit
  C. path
  D. course

  10. As soon as it started to rain we turned round and _________ home.
  A. made for
  B. called for
  C. cared for
  D. searched for


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