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  1. Doctors are often caught in a _________ because they have to decide whether they should tell their patients the truth or not.
  A. dilemma
  B. digestion
  C. diploma
  D. disgust

  2. Doctor Smith was one of the_________ in cancer research.
  A. Pioneers
  B. advocates
  C. engineers
  D. founders

  3. Doctors keep trying to _________him of his dependence on the drug.
  A. break
  B. rob
  C. deprive
  D. relieve

  4. Doctors sometimes _________ old cures when modem medicine doesn't work.
  A. fall behind
  B. fail in with
  C. fall back on
  D. fall through

  5. Does brain power ________ as we get older? Scientists now have some surprising answers.
  A. descend
  B. decline
  C. deduce
  D. collapse

  6. Dogs are often praised for their_________ ; they almost never abandon their masters.
  A. faith
  B. loyalty
  C. trust
  D. truthfulness

  7. Don't _________ your head about brining your manuscript to our office; we'll send someone for it.
  A. worry
  B. bother
  C. interrupt
  D. interfere

  8. Don't be so _________as to believe every firing you hear.
  A. ignorant
  B. innocent
  C. interrupt
  D. irritable

  9. Don't eat anything that will spoil your ________ for dinner.
  A. appetite
  B. taste
  C. interest
  D. appreciation

  10. Don't worry! I promise that he will see you again ________.
  A. long before
  B. before long
  C. on average
  D. step by step