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There is a bitter battle over how to combat the nation‘s fastest-growing crime problem, juvenile offenders.While overall crime statistics in America’s largest cities has dropped there is one category where it has skyrocketed. That category is homicides committed by youths under the age of 17. Between 1984 and 1994, murders committed by youths under 17 tripled. Demographic studies show that there will be a surge in the teen population in the coming years and experts believe that 25 percent of all murders committed by the year 2005 will be committed by juveniles.

Violence (i.e. Aggravated assaults) committed with guns by youths has also increased at roughly the samepace as homicides. After years of statistical decline, drug use by teens is also on the rise. None of these statistics would appear to bode well for future. It now seems that everyday we are hearing about horrendous violent crimes being committed by juveniles.

The most famous of late was the 6-year-old in northern California who almost beat to death a small baby. The baby was just released from the hospital on Thursday and has suffered brain damage from the attack by the 6-year-old.

There is also the case of the 15-year-old pregnant girl who was shot to death by another student in St. Louis. In Miami, two 16-year-old males have been charged with the murder of a Dutch woman tourist who just happened to end up in the wrong neighborhood. A 15-year-old New York boy tried to steal a pair of earrings from a woman.

During the attack, the young woman fell to her death under a New York subway train. In Fort Meyers, Florida, a group of teenagers shot and killed a high school band teacher. This case will be the subject of an upcoming ENN report, but a police investigation into this group of teens turned up “would-be junior terrorists” that could have rivaled some of the worst terrorist organizations in the world.

There seems to be growing awareness now of this juvenile crime problem in the United States. Several experts, as well as this publication, have been trying very hard to get the word out. People who have become victims of these young felons are angry and are calling for changes to be made in the juvenile justice system.

It has been a long-standing belief in the United States that juveniles who kill, rape and rob be treated differently than adult offenders. But this may soon change. In 1899, juvenile courts were established to help protect “juvenile delinquents.” But it seems that today, the reasoning for the protection of the youths in the criminal justice system may be outdated and changes need to be made to accomodate these “14-year-old harden felons.” Many critics, today, say that in reality too many hard-core juvenile offenders are arrested held and released time-after-time in a process that is called a revolving door. It seems to only come to an end when a truly heinous crime is committed.

Because of the rise in juvenile crime and the experts predictions that the problem is going to get worse before it gets better, many cities, states and even congress are trying to wrestle with the problem. Tallahassee, Florida has been experimenting with a couple of different programs to deal with troubled youths. In one case, Tallahassee Police received a report of a teenager breaking into an auto. Immediately, officers knew their suspect. The suspect was a 16-year-old who even held a job at a near-by restaurant. This 16-year-old who was on parole, had been known to commit 32 similar offenses. Officers had kept the suspect tracked on a point scale. He was arrested after he barricaded himself inside an apartment building. Because of his extensive criminal record prosecutors immediately sent him to trial in an adult court. This can be called the “get-tough” approach.

1. As you read the first paragraph, which kind of crimes are increasing while the crime statistics in America‘s largest cities has dropped?

[A] Homicides committed by youths.

[B] Murders committed by adults.

[C] Drug abuse.

[D] Violation.

2. Read the third paragraph carefully and then answer the question: What happened to the “6-year-old”?

[A] The “6-year-old” had been killed.

[B] The “6-year-old” had almost killed another small baby.

[C] The “6-year-old” had been sent to prison.

[D] The “6-year-old” had suffered brain damage.

3. What thing will be report by ENN?

[A] A high school teacher had been killed by a group of teenagers.

[B] Junior terrorists.

[C] The case of the 15-year-old pregnant girl who was shot to death by another student in St. Louis.

[D] Both A and B.

4. Who called for changes to be made in the juvenile justice system?

[A] Journalists came from Florida.

[B] The parents came from the juvenile‘s families.

[C] Teachers came from the juvenile‘s school.

[D] The victims of these young felons.

5. As the author use the example of the case of Tallahassee, what did he mean?

[A] To illustrate the importance of changes that should be made in the juvenile justice system……

[B] To state that teenagers who committed crimes should be sent to trial in an adult court.

[C] To express that the old law was not fit for the new phenomenon.

[D] To express that the author hated the juvenile crimes.


1. Demographic studies show that…the year 2005 will be committed by juveniles.

[译文]统计学的研究表明,在即将到来的一年里,青年人口将有迅猛的增长。据专家估计,在 2005 年,25%的谋杀事件是由青少年犯罪导致的。

[注解] 其中,a surge of something 意思是 a sudden increase in amount of number.demographic 是形容词,意为人口统计学的。surge 即可作名词也可为动词,这里作动词用,意为迅猛增长。

2. After years of statistical decline, drug use by teens is also on the rise.


[注解]这句话不长,关键在于对词组“on the rise”意思的理解,在文中,该词组的意思为依然在上升。

3. Several experts, as well as this…made in the juvenile justice system.




4. Because of the rise in juvenile…congress are trying to wrestle with the problem.





5. The suspect was a 16-year-old who even held a job at a near-by restaurant.




1.[A] 细节题。本题只要读懂文章就不难排除干扰。我们细看原文可以发现,第一段里只讲了青少年杀人犯罪问题,所以,后面几个选项都不符合要求。

2.[B] 理解题。这道题考查对原文的理解。重点在于区分“6-year-old”和“the baby”。只要将这两者区分清楚就不会选错。

3.[A] 本题是细节题。细读文章第五段可以发现,文中说将要被 ENN 报道的是 A 中提到的佛罗里达州高中教师被青少年杀害事件。B 项的少年恐怖分子虽在文中有提及,但不是 ENN 要报道的内容,所以排除。

4.[D] 细节题。本文较为侧重考查考生捕捉细节的能力。在文中第六段段末可以看到, 受害者们最为关注针对青少年犯罪司法体系的修改。而选项中提到的 C 项虽然有老师是受害者,但显然过于片面,故排除。

5.[A] 主旨题。作者在文中举了这个案例目的在于表明旧有的法律已经不适用了。对于现在的一些青少年恶性案件来说,有必要加大惩处力度。所以,作者引用了这个案例来说明如果不对青少年犯罪加以扼制,这批问题少年成年后还会对社会造成危害。解这道题主要需要把握原文主旨。作者在文中对青少年犯罪持否定态度,多处细节表明作者本身赞同对问题少年加以限制,所以这里的选择就可以根据本文的主要精神加以把握。




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