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新东方托福网络课程免费试听 如何在平时练习托福口语?考试吧为您推荐TED学口语系列文章,希望对考生们的托福口语提高有所帮助。

These are some pieces of things I used in my Sputnik feature film which opens in New York in two weeks.

(Tips: open vi. 开演。很多同学可能都在想说“戏剧/电影上映”的时候犯难了吧,不知道该怎么说对不对。其实很简单,一个词 open, 文中which引导的定语从句修饰的就是Sputnik feature film,这个opens当然就是说这个电影开演。当然还有一个,首映,premier,作不及物动词用,比如 I was very excited when Fight Club premiered. )

That’s me at my desk, downtown. I called my sister. I called my neighbors. I said, “ Come dig.” That’s me at my desk. Eh... That was a desk took 40-some years to build.

(这个句子,省掉了desk 后面的that,说明口语里面是可以容许这种错误粗线的,不会影响得分,因为没有影响表意。)

You know, all the stuff. That’s my daughter, Jean. She came, she’s a nurse in San Francisco. “Dig it up, “ I said. “Pieces. I want pieces. Bits and pieces.” I came up with this idea: a life of bits and pieces, which I’m just starting to work on--my next project.

(a life of bits and pieces, 老爷爷从收藏的残片出悟出了生活的真理,生活不就是这些琐屑的残片么?A life of bits and pieces, 琐屑的生活)

That’s my sister. She took care of pictures, because I was a big collector of snapshot photography that I believed said a lot. And those are some of the pictures, something was good about the burnt pictures. I didn’t know. I looked at that--I said, “WOW, is that better than the --”

(Tips : take care of 是一个被低估了的词组,因为首先,它是初中甚至小学学过的,所以孩子们都觉得它很low,但实则不然。其实take care of是我们口语里面最常用的词组之一,它不止指“照顾”,有的时候可能是我们最宽泛的一个“管”“来”,比如最近流行的一句话“放下那个妹子,让我来”,你怎么说?放下那个妹子好说,“Let her go”, 那让我来呢? 可千万别说”let me do her”,这个do放在这里...确实有点不妥,因为do在英语中是一个类似于中文“搞”的万能动词,那么这句话翻成中文可能会造成什么效果,呵呵, 我就不说了,大家都懂的。OK,所以那我们应该怎么妥帖而恰当地表达“让我来”这个意思呢,非常简单“I’ll take care of this”,我能搞定。或者 “I’ll take care of her.” 所以下次遇到英雄救美的场面哈,孩子们应该怎么办呢?一个take care of尽显英雄气概。 其二是snapshot photography,snapshot就是我们所说的快照,或者抓拍。本人作为一个摄影爱好初学者,尤其喜爱抓拍,因为抓拍是唯一个能够捕捉到人最真实的情感神韵也最容易拍出美照的方法啦。这里snapshot作为名词用,也可以用作及物动词,表达 “给...拍快照”的意思。比如,我女朋友喜欢我给她拍快照。可以说“My girlfriend really enjoys being snapshot by me.” )

That’s my proposal on Jimmy Doolittle. I made that movie for television. It’s the only copy I had. Pieces of it. Idea about women. So I started to say, “Hey, man, you are too much! You could cry about this.” I really didn’t. I just instead said, “I’m going to make something out of it, and maybe next year ...” And I appreciate this moment, to come up on this stage with so many people, who’ve already given me so much solace, and just say to TEDsters (ted listeners, 演讲者现编的词)I’m proud of me. That I take something bad, I turn it, and I’m going to make something good out of this, all this pieces.

(Tips: 首先,我们看看这里的 “You are too much!”应该怎么理解,too much 是太多的意思,你想一下我们什么情况下会说一个人 “太多”了呢?我们来看一下来自yahoo.com的这句话的英文解释-If someone is "too much" it usually means that the person using the phrase finds them to be a bit out of the ordinary, and a character in a generally entertaining yet unusual way. It usually means that you are annoying, as normally after people say that they want to take a break. I have heard some saying it to me: was because of my extreme energy, talking enthusiastically all the time or asking the person to join me in EVERY thing i do. 大家感受一下。翻译成中文:你真是作死!对不对,这才是标准的越zuo越die啊有木有。所以不要再no zuo no die了,宣传地再好,考托福也是行不通滴,不如老老实实用上咱这简单易懂的 You are too much 吧。其实这句话也可以表示,“你太作”了的意思。实在太好用,拿好不谢。)

That’s Arthur Leipzig’s original photograph I loved. I was a big record collector, the records didn’t make it. Boy, I tell you, film burns. Film burns. I mean, this was 16millimeter safety film. The negatives are gone. That’s my father’s letter to me, telling me to marry the woman I first married when I was 20. Um... That’s my daughter and me. She’s still there. She’s there this morning, actually. That’s my house. My family’s living in the Hilton Hotel in Scotts Valley. That’s my wife, Heidi, who didn’t take it as well as I did. My children, Davey and Henry. My son, Davey, in the hotel two nights ago. So my message to you folks, from my 3 minutes, is that I appreciate the chance to share this with you. I will be back. I love being at TED. I came to live it, and I am living it. That’s my view from my window, outside of Santa Cruz, in Bonny Doon, just 35 miles from here. Thank you everybody.

(最后要讲的一点点就是 这个the records didn’t make it. 很多同学可能在高中课本中学过“make it”这个词组,意思为成功,succeed。但是在这个里面,我们的“make it”是挺过来的意思,比如说你想说小时候被父母扔家里,冰箱里只有一点面包,只能撑两天。那么我们可以说,“There’s only so much bread for me to make it till the day after tomorrow”, 或者某人病重,你说他撑不过明天了, “He probably won’t make it through tomorrow.” 所以在本段中,老爷爷说他心爱的唱片(records)收藏都没撑过大伙,表示已化为灰烬了。而这里用了make,也相当于类似拟人的用法,跟中文一样儿样儿的。)






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