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三:Phrases and Sentence:

1 She soon called my attention to the fact that she couldn't work full time and keep house, too.

注意的词语:call attention to(唤起注意),keep house(当家)

2 I guess I just took it for granted that a wife was supposed to take care of her kids and husband.

注意的词语: take it for granted:(视为当然),be supposed to:(应该,被期望)

3 You've got to get to know them.

注意的词语:have got to do:(必须做……),get to:(在这里作“开始”的意思)

4 But maybe I'd better take that back and give her a hand.

注意的词语:take bake:(在这里作“取消”的意思),give Sb. A hand(抽出空或腾出手帮助某人)

5 They put me in mood for Italian food.

注意的词语:put in mind:(使记起,提醒)

6 I've put aside some money that I earned by doing some extra mechanical work.

注意的词语:put aside:(储存,备用)

7 I was putting a machine together today.

注意的词语:put together:(把……加起来,装配)

8 I am putting forth a lot of effect to make this tablecloth.

注意的词语:put forth:(生出,作出)

9 Do you want me to put my needlework away?

注意的词语:put away:(在这里作“放弃,处理掉”的意思)


10 I was going by the store near your house …

注意的词语:go by:(顺便走访)

11 Your black purse and shoes go nicely with that dress.

注意的词语:go with:(伴随,与……相配)

12 He always goes beyond my expectations.

注意的词语:go beyond:(超出)

13 The kids can't go along with you.

注意的词语:go along with:(一起去,附和)

14 Your offer goes to prove that you're a wonderful mother-in-law.

注意的词语:offer:(在这里作为“提意”的意思),go to:(愿意为定位,转到的意思,在这里引申为?)

15 You know I get sick every single time the temperature goes below 68°.

注意的词语:go below:(下降)


16 I could really go for a good comedy.

注意的词语:go for:(在这里作为“主张”的意思)

17 we can barely make ends meet.

注意的词语:ends meet:指收支平衡

18 Every thing I say goes in one ear and out the other.

注意的词语:goes in one ear and out the other.:(一个耳朵进, 一个耳朵出。指听不进去的意思)

19 I've been keeping track of our phone bills.

注意的词语:keep track of:(明了,一目了然的意思)

20 I'll have to call them and have them straighten it out.

注意的词语:straighten out:(改正,更正)


On the day the World Trade Center fell, the Empire state Building once again became the tallest building in New York City. In the months that followed, six of its commercial tenants ran off. They did not want to be in the tallest anything, anywhere, anymore. At a time when U.S. Vice president Dick Cheney was still being shuttled around to undisclosed locations, skyscrapers suddenly seemed like the most disclosed locations. For a while, it looked as though the tall building, at least in the U.S., might be one more casualty of war.

Three years later, despite fears of terrorist attacks, big is beautiful again. On July 4, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg presided at the World Trade Center site. New skyscraper projects are under way once more elsewhere in the city and around the U.S. Meanwhile, outside the states, where the taste for tall buildings never really faded, the skyscraper has also been poking its head up in very different ways, and not just for reasons having to do with security. Since the 1990s, tall buildings have been reshaped by a number of global architecture stars whose vision is finally beginning to penetrate the more conservation American market.

Some of the best examples of that rethinking now fill two large galleries of the Museum of Modern Art's temporary outpost in Queens, New York. Using 25 spectacular architectural models (some of more than 4 m high), "Tall buildings", a show that runs at MOMA through Sept.27, looks at the ways in which the skyscraper has eyolyed the early 1990s, at least in the hands of its most gifted practitioners, the kind who are proposing-and even producing, but usually in other nations-buildings that don't resemble the dull boxes that crowd most American downtowns.

Engineering is, among others, a path to new kinds of beauty. Just look at Renzo piano's London Bridge Tower, a slender glass pyramid that forms a glittering stalagmite against the old city's skyline. You get a grasp of what ingenious engineering is all about from the London Headquarters of the insurance firm Swiss Re, designed by Norman Foster. Even before it opened in April, it was known as the small cucumber because it rises against the sky like a green pickle. But the building's single feature is the inclusion of larger interior gardens throughout. But there's a dematerializing spirit even in a building that didn't requiring new fears of engineering-the Arcos Bosques Corporativo in Mexico City, an arched tower with a vertical slot down its center that lightens the building's mass brings the sky itself into play.

"Not only did American invent skyscraper", says the Spanish designer Santiago Calatrava, "it invented the skyline." But American skylines have got a little dull. With some work, the world's architects might bring them back to a very tall standard.



三年之后,人们依旧害怕恐怖袭击,但是高楼大厦再次成了美的化身。7月4号,纽约州州长乔治。帕塔奇和纽约市市长米歇尔。布鲁伯格主持了自由大厦的 破土仪式,这座写字楼将建在世贸大厦原址上。在纽约的其他地方,甚至全美国,新摩天大楼的建设工程又开始火热地进行。同时,在摩天热从末褪去的其他国家,摩天大楼以截然不同的形态拔地而起,而这不仅仅是因为安全问题。从九十年代初期开始,高楼大厦的形态就被一些世界设计大师重塑了,这些设计大师的远见最终打入了较为保守的美国市场。


在众多领域里,工程建设是通向另类美丽的一种途径。看看雷佐。皮耶罗设计的伦敦塔,细长的玻璃金字塔组成一个闪耀的石笋直指伦敦上空,在空中形成美 丽的轮廓。从瑞士在保险公司的伦敦总部大楼我们就能看出工程建设是多么的巧妙,那栋楼是由罗曼。弗斯特设计的。甚至在四月份对外之前,这座楼就被人们称为 小黄瓜,因为它直耸入云,在天空的映衬下看上去就像一根绿黄瓜。但是这栋楼最显著的特点却是遍布室内各处的室内大花园。即使在不需要新工程技术的建筑物里 也存在着非物质精神——墨西哥城的阿克斯。波斯克期公司大楼是一座拱行的楼,在这座楼的中间有一条狭槽从上通向底部,这座狭糟把光带到了楼里的大部分地方 并且使楼里的人能看见天空。