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Dating, as most humans who engage in it have no doubt observed, can be a major source of stress -- especially first dates. You can waste a shocking amount of time worrying about your outfit, where you"ll meet up, when you'll meet up and whether or not the date will go well. Here are eight reasons not to stress about the first date:
1. You get to judge, too.
1. 你也会评价对方。
It's very easy to waste a whole lot of time worrying about whether the person you're going on a date with will like you. But your precious hours are probably better spent thinking about whether you like your date. As Tom Hanks' character tells his fictional son in "Sleepless In Seattle", "This is what single people do. They try other people on and see how they fit." Spend your first date evaluating whether the person sitting across from you seems like a well-tailored suit or more like a ill-fitting item that's better left on the rack.
你会很容易把时间浪费在担忧“与你约会的人会不会喜欢你”这个问题上。但约会前的几小时可以更为有用,比如想想你会不会喜欢上你的约会对象。就像汤姆-汉克斯在电影《西雅图夜未眠》中饰演的角色对儿子说,“这就是单身人士做的事。他们约会对方,看看对方适不适合自己。” 初次约会时评价一下坐在你对面的那个人,看他是品行端庄的人还是邋遢不堪的人。
2. There's no need to be elaborate.
2. 没有必要精心安排。
The focus of your first meet-up is getting a feel for the other person. That means that lighthearted conversation is paramount -- not a super creative plan that involves multiple stops, top-tier restaurants and hipster underground bars. Just pick a coffee shop/bar/restaurant where you feel comfortable ... or make it really easy on yourself and make your date choose.
3. People are open to a lot of different date venues.
3. 人们对约会场所表示很随意。
Judging from a new infographic from dating site HowAboutWe.com, Americans are open to a wide variety of dating activities. If you feel like eating frozen yogurt, seeing an art exhibit, going bowling or drinking a glass of wine, chances are that your date will be into it too.
4. You don't have much to lose.
4. 你没什么好损失的。
You don't know the person well yet, so you probably aren't all that invested in them romantically. No matter how badly it goes, you'll get over it fairly quickly. That's the true beauty of a first date.
5. You can keep it short.
5. 要精简。
If you plan something casual, it'll be over in approximately the same amount of time it takes you to watch two episodes of "Girls."
6. If it goes really badly, it'll be a good story.
6. 如果约会进展不顺,那这段经历将是一个好故事。
Some of the most entertaining conversations you can have with friends revolve around dating horror stories. Whether you're recounting the story of the dude who casually mentioned that there was a rapist who hadn't been caught in his neighborhood, or the tale of the girl who wouldn't stop talking about her 10 cats, those hours of awkwardness are sure to elicit laughs for years to come. If your first date goes completely awry, at least you have fresh material for your next friend dinner.
7. It's nearly impossible to run out of things to talk about.
7. 不可能没话可说。
The first date covers all of your basics, which means that there are a lot of things to discuss: jobs, families, hometowns, hobbies, living situations ... the list goes on.
8. It's (mostly) out of your hands, so why bother worrying?
8. 成事在天,为何要担忧?
At the end of the day, all you can really control is how you behave. Maybe you'll meet the love of your life and maybe you won't. Whether or not the two of you click is largely a matter of luck, so just be genuine, try to have fun and then move on afterward. Breathe and remember -- it's only one date.