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高三英语教案 Feed the world

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高三英语教案 Feed the world



raise, regret, goose(pl. geese), ruin, damp, loss, starvation, help oneself to, in a word, now and again, day by day, in debt, cash crop, make sense,for one thing……for another,go hungry,result in,

now and again, work out


1. It is thought / well known that…

2. For one thing…,for another(thing)…

3. It has been proved / suggested that…

4. It makes good sense to do…

5. have no idea whether…




I.教学教法: 通过本单元教学,学生应能熟练地运用“就餐”用语,对话可以让学生自由表演;复习名词性从句,重点讲解同位语从句的用法;了解粮食生产发展的历史、当今存在的问题及解决粮食不足的途径,在处理语篇时,注重学生对具体语境中词汇,语法的领悟与把握,多多挖掘语篇中的词汇亮点。


1.For one thing…….for another……意为“一则…….再则……”

I don’t want to buy the coat.For one thing, I don’t like the colour,and for another, the price is too high.

You get a low mark, for one thing, because you did not do your homework..

For one thing, I’ve no money ; for another, I have no time. So I can’t go.

2.go hungry意为挨饿,go(link v.)表示转变,往往只情况变坏,后面的表语通常由形容词充当。

He went almost mad when he heard the news.   The heat has caused the milk to go sour.

The telephone has gone dead.电话声沉寂下来。   He went off his head. 他失去了理智。

His conduct in school has gone from bad to worse. 他在校表现越来越糟。

3.让步状语从句可用  whichever,whatever,whoever,wherever,whenever引出,分别相当于no matter which/what/who/how/when/where.

You can either keep the book for yourself or give it to your friend, whichever (=no matter which) you choose.

However(=no matter how) you go, it’ll take you at least two days.

Don’t open the door whoever (=no matter who) knocks.

Whatever (=no matter what) you go , I will go with you.

However hard(=no matter how hard) he worked,he could not please the boss.

4.result in:导致,产生 ……..结果。

The accident resulted in three deaths. 事故引起三起死亡。

Result from:由…….造成,因……而产生 Sickness often results from eating too much.

表时引起,产生,导致还可以用cause sb/sth或lead to n. 如:

what caused his illness? Do you think this will cause much confusion?

Too much work and too little rest of ten leads to illness.   Differences of opinions led to arguments.


Bad weather ruined our holiday. The rain has ruined my new dress.

His life was ruined by drink.

The stock market crash ruined many people. 股票市场的崩溃使很多人破产。

6.Make sense:讲得通,很有意义,有道理,明智等。

What he told us about the situation simply doesn’t make sense.他对形式的说明根本讲不通。

No matter how you read it, this sentence doesn’t make (any) sence.无论如何读这个句子,他都不能被理解。

It makes sense to take care of one’s health. 照顾好自己的身体是明智的。

7.day by day表示“逐着每天(变化)的”。例如:

(1)The young tree grows taller and thicker day by day.


(2)Her mother grows older and weaker day by day.


8.now and again的含义

now and again = now and then,意为occasionally, once in a while偶尔,不时

(1)We go to the films now and again. 我们时常去看电影。

(2)When he was a little boy, Lincoln went to school now and then.


9.in other words 表示“换言之”,“换句话说”。如:

(1)In other words ,we can finish the work on time only in this way.


(2)In other words, you have broken the law. 换言之,你违法了。
10.1) 注意记住并区别由word构成的词组以及这些短语中world一词的单复数。

keep one’s word to sb. (对某人)信守诺言 , break one’ s word失信, eat one’s words 承认说错话have a word with sb. , 与某人谈话,, have words with sb., 与某人口角。如:

(2)I want to have a word with him. 我想跟他谈谈话。

(3)Jack often has words with his neighbours.


(4)I said yesterday that you had stolen my car. Now I’m eating my words.


(5)He is an honest man who always keeps his word. 他是一个诚实的人,很守信用。

(6) Never break your word, or no one will trust you.





1.由that, if / whether, wh-疑问词,wh-ever词引导的名词性从句。






Lesson 14 教学设计方案


Good morning,class.First,I will ask you a question: “Do you often feel hungry?”Wanglin,please…

While, maybe you don’t often feel hungry,because you have plenty to eat.But in some poor areas in the world,many people even starve to death.Is that true? Now,please open your book to page 20

And find out the answer: “How many people starve to death each year?” I only give you one minute.If you find out the answer, put up your hand.Let’s see who is the first.

StepII: Fast reading;


Find out the answer to the following question within two minutes:

“why is farmland being lost?”

B.Reading Comprehension

1. What can be dome to increase the food supply?

A.to plant new trees.

B.To reduce the lost in storage

C.To build more and more farms

D.To develop new plants for food   [D]

2. Why is so much food lost in storage?

A. The food is thrown away by people.

B. People pay less attention to the food store

C. The food is damaged by rain

D. The food goes bad [B]

3.Food stores are frequently ruined by rain or damp.

What does “ruin” mean?

A.removed B.cleaned C.damaged D.washed away [C]

4.What kind of plants are scientists developing ?

A.The plant which can be grown on the moon

B.The plant which are likely to be attacked by pests.

C.The plant which can be planted in poor soil

D.The plant which is heavier. [C]

StepIII.Fill in blanks(通过这个练习,既可以锻炼学生语境中对词汇的领悟力,又是高考完型填空的基础训练,课堂实践证明效果较好,建议教师选用)

Now, I will give you another seven to eight minutes to read the text in details.Please pay special attention to the key words and phrases.Then I’ll ask you to close your books and fill in blanks without consulting anything.

1.Half the world’s workers earn their living by _______.(farming)

2.The problen is how to feed a growing world population of _____6 billion. (over)

3.Only about 11% of the earth’s land surface is _____ for growing ______.And this area is becoming smaller day____ day. (suitable,crops,by)

4.That’s why the Chinese people are making great _____to ______ their farmland.(efforts,protect)

5.Farmland is being lost for several reasons.First,it is_____built _____.(being,on)

6.It’s well known that pests continue to eat crops,______damage. (causing)

7.The FAO has worked out that up ____ 30% of food is lost in storage. (to)

8.It’s thought that 500 million people in the world do not have enough to eat, that’s about one ____ten. Every year about 40 million people_______ to death. (in ,starve)

9.They are also developing new types of plants that can be grown in_____ soil or even sand, and that are less____ to be _____by____ and diseases.( poor, likely ,attacked ,pests)

StepIV. Diction

1.In this text, did you notice the word “farming”? What’s the difference between “farming” and “farm”? Let’s look at a sentence first.

The farmers live by _______.(farm,farming) (Which word will you choose?)

Yes,“farming” is the correct word.

Farm: an area of land, together with its buildings.

Farmland: only the land for farming.

Farming: working on the farm.

To farm : to do farm work

1).They like to eat _______. 2).They live by________.(fish,fishing)

2.work out: The FAO has worked out that up to 30% of food is lost in storage.

a)work out 一词的“新词义”曾经出现在2001年高考“单项真空”中,现在,可结合Lesson14的内容,试用work out的“新词义”造句如下:

Various things have been done to increase the food supply in the world. But at first they all seemed unlikely to be of any efficiency at all. However, dozens of years have passed and most of the efforts seem to be working out far better than most of the optimistic people expected.

b)work at, work on, work out

work at和 work on都有“从事……”的意思。


Is Tom still working at / on the new novel that he promised?

work at 还有“在……工作”的意思。如:

How long have you been working at this school?

work on 还有(激起人的感情等)“对……起作用,影响……”的意思。如:

The sight of so much suffering worked on our hearts so that we were filled with pity.


work out 表示“计算出,解决(问题)”等意思。如:

Can you work out how much it costs to feed a common family?

I can’ t work out this sum.

work out 还有“想出,弄清楚(常用于否定句)”等意思。如:

We must work out a better method of saving money.

I can’t work out the meaning of this poem. 1. order的用法



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