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1.I’d rather go to Blue Ocean because I like to listen to quiet music while I’m eating.

【解析】’d rather是would rather的缩写形式,“宁愿;宁可;更喜欢”,后跟动词原形

【肯定句:would rather do sth.=prefer to do sth.

I would rather stay at home because it’s cold outside.

【2014四川达州】32.—Walking more is good for our health.

—You’re right.So I’d rather ____ an hour’s walk to work than consider ______ a car.

A.take;driving B.take;drive C.take;to drive D.to take;driving

【否定句:would rather not do sth宁愿不做某事

()He would rather _______ to jazz.

A.not listen B.not to listen C.not listening D.listen not


Would you rather stay at home or play tennis with us?

would rather do sth than do sth(than所连接的词语必须与前面的词语在词性和结构上保持一致

I would rather ________(watch)TV at home than________(go)out for a walk.

【2014湖北襄阳3】—Driving less,walking more is good for our health.

—So I\\\'d rather an hour\\\'s walk to work than consider a car.

A.take,drive B.take,to drive C.take,driving D.taking,driving

=would do sth rahte than do sth=prefer to do sth.rather than do sth.宁愿做某事而不愿做某事


—What a heavy rain!—So it is.I prefer______ rather than _____ on such a rainy day.

A.to go out;stay at home B.to stay at home;go out

C.going out;stay at home D.staying at home;go out

2.But that music makes me sleepy.但是那种音乐会让我昏昏欲睡。(1c)

【解析1】主语 make sb. adj.意为“使某人感到……;使……处于某种状态”。

The color red makes me nervous.红色会使我紧张。


As for our next meeting,let’s make it the day after tomorrow.


make tea泡茶make faces做鬼脸make sure查明,弄清

make kites制作风筝

make the bed整理床铺

make sentences造句

make a noise制作噪音

make mistakes犯错

make money赚钱

make progress取得进步make friends with…与……交朋友

make a telephone打电话make fun of取笑

make one’s at home


make a milk shake


make a living谋生make up组成,编造

be made up of由……组make a plan制定计划

make one’s plan


make a decision做决定

make one’s mind下定决心make one’s bed整理床铺make tea沏茶


(1)be made of 材料(看得出原材料)“被用……制成”,

The table is made of wood.

()In the old days,Dai people usually lived in the traditional buildings.This kind of buildings were

______bamboo and wood.

A.made in B.made of C.made out D.made from

(2)be made from 材料(看不出原材料)“被用……制成”,

(3)be made in 产地“在某地制造……”

(4)be made up of…=consist of“被……构成”


(1)make sb/sth 形容词“让某人或某物…”make you happy

可用到的形容词有:happy,pleased,surprised,angry,annoyed,sad,upset,unhappy,worried,anxious excited,relaxed,stressed out,tense,calm,scared,comfortable,sick…

Mr.Liu usually makes his lesson interesting so that we all like to listen to him in class.

【2011鄂州】—I’m very tired these days because of the senior high school entrance examination(中考).

—Why not______music?It can make you ______.

A.listen to;relaxed B.to listen to;relaxed C.listen to;relax D.to listen to;to relax

28.Overseas experience may help make our life ______.So why not try to study abroad?

A.usual B.useful C.successful D.traditional

(2)make sb./sth do sth“使某人/物做某事”make me laugh.

()Colors can change our moods and make us ___ happy or sad,energetic or sleep.

A.to feel B.feeling C.felt D.Feel

【2014江苏盐城】68.Scientists are working hard to make the dream ________(come)true.

—You look so tired.—My mother makes me ____ playing the piano for 2 hours every day.

A.practice B.to practice C.Practicing

【2014贵州六盘水】37.The teacher spoke loudly in order to make the students ____ her.

A.hear B.hearing C.heard D.to hear

(3)be made to do sth“被让去做某事”

【2014四川内江】The students in this school are made ___ school uniforms on Monday.

A.to wear B.wearing C.wear D.worn

【2014浙江杭州】Many fast food restaurants paint their walls red,play loud music and have hard

sea ts_____ customers eat quickly and leave.

A.make B.to make C.made D.making

【2014山东烟台】30.—Would you mind not _____ noise?Alice is sleeping.

—Sorry,I didn’t know.I _____ she was awake.

A.make;think B.making;thought C.making;think D.make;thought

28.Overseas experience may help make our life ______.So why not try to study abroad?

A.usual B.useful C.successful D.traditional

【拓展3】make it习惯用语,及时赶到,到达目的地

●make it办成功,做到,赶到I think we’ll just make it.

●及时到达;赶上The train leaves in five minutes,we’ll never make it!


【2014山东菏泽】2.—We decide to make ____ a rule for us room-mates to turn off the lights at 10:30pm.

A.that B.this C.it D.one

3.Waiting for Amy drove Tina mad.等待艾美令缇娜有点抓狂。(2b)

【解析1】动名词做主语,谓语动词用第三人称单数wait for等待

______(say)is easy,______(do)is difficult.说起来容易,做起来难

【2014四川内江】Our English teacher often says to us,“______English well is very important”.

A.Learn B.Learning C.Learned D.To learning

【解析2】drive→drove→driven①v驾驶v迫使→driver n司机

drive to(开车去)go for a drive开车兜风(for表示目的)

②drive v.迫使drive sb. adj.使某人怎样

(1)drive sb.crazy/mad=make sb.crazy使某人发疯/发狂

(2)drive sb.to do sth驱使某人做某事

()Hunger drove him ______.

A.steal B.stealing C.to steal D.steals

4.The movie was so sad that it made Tina and Amy ________.(2b)

【解析】“主语 谓语 so adj./adv. that 句子”引导结果状语从句,“如此……以至于……”。

【2014四川泸州】8.The movie is wonderful I want to see it again

A.too;to B.so;that C.as;as D.so;as

【辨析】so…that…/so that

(1)so 形容词或副词 that...引导的肯定的结果状语从句“如此……以至于……”

I studied so hard that I got the first place.

()⑴The camera is __________expensive__________ I can\\\'t afford it.

A.so,that B.such,that C.so,as to D.enough,that

()⑵―__________fine day it is today!

―Yes,the sunshine is______ beautiful that I\\\'d like to go swimming in the sea.

A.How,such B.What a,very C.How,so D.What a,so

so 形容词或副词 that...引导的否定的结果状语从句,“如此……以致于不能……”。

()Miss Gao asked a question,but it was_____ that nobody could answer it

A.very difficult B.too difficult C.difficult enough D.so difficult

(2)so that“以便……;为了……”,引导目的状语从句。


I study hard so that I can have a good future.

()She bought a digital camera online____ she would save a lot of time.

A.so that B.as soon as C.no matter D.such that

5.John:Did you have fun with Amy last night?

Tina:Well...yes and no.She was really late.

【解析1】have fun=have a good time/great time=enjoy oneself玩的开心

have fun with sb.和某人玩的开心have fun doing sth很愉快做某事

【2014嘉兴】—I’m really tired.I have to stop running.—_______,Jim.You can make it.

A.Come on B.Take care C.Have fun D.Good luck

【2014绍兴】—I’m sorry I have broken the chair.—_______.I can easily get it repaired.

A.That’s true B.You’re welcome C.Never mind D.sounds fun

【解析2】yes and no“既是又不是;不能说定”。表示对某一问题的两可回答,

—Were you surprised when you received something from Andy?

—Well,yes and no.I knew he would send me something.But I just wasn’t sure what it would be.

6.I’m not sure what to do about it.

【解析1】sure①adj.确信的,确实的;一定的make sure确保,核实,查收,弄清楚

be sure to do sth一定要做某事be sure not to do sth千万不要做某事

be sure that从句相信;对......有把握be sure about/of n/pron确信.......,对.......有把握

()you need to take notes at meeting so make sure ____a pen and a piece of paper with you.

A.bring B.bringing C.to bring D.Brought

②adv.当然;确实地;无疑地=Certainly=Of course

—Can I borrow these magazines?

—Sure/Certainly/Of course.当然可以。

【解析2】what to do做什么

【辨析】what to do和how to do it的区别


what to do是完整的(what是do的宾语),表示做什么,故不定式后不可再加宾语

I don\\\'t know what to do.(=I don\\\'t know what I can do.)

how to do是不完整的(how提问方式),必须加上do的宾语,表示如何做......一般情况do后必须加上宾语。how是副词,强调方式方法,what是代词,充当do的宾语

I don\\\'t know how to do it=I don\\\'t know what to do

【2014四川雅安】Students should learn how problems.

A.solve B.solving C.can solve D.to solve

【2014山东青岛2】—Excuse me.Could you please tell me ______ my car?

—Sure.Park it right here.I’ll help you.

A.how to stop B.where to park C.where to stop D.when to park

【2014青海1】—I don’t know ______ next.

—You’d better finish your homework first.

A.what to do B.how to do C.when to do

【2014龙东地区】-Excuse me.Could you please tel l me ________ my car?

-Sure.Park it right here.I’ll help you.

A.how to stop B.where to park C.when to park

【2014山东济宁4】—I will go to Harbin for my summer vacation.What about you?

—I haven’t decided where ________.

A.go B.went C.going D.to go

7.What happened?发生了什么事(2d)

【解析】(1)happen v“发生”不及物动词,没有被动语态,主语是物,强调某事发生的偶然性

(1)“sth. happen 地点/时间”,“某地/某时发生了某事”

What’s happening outside?外面发生什么事了?

(2)sth.happen to sb.某事发生在某人身上

A car accident happened to him yesterday.昨天他发生了交通事故。

What happened to you?=What was wrong with him?

(3)sb.happen to do sth.某人碰巧做某事

She happened ________(be)out when we called.

【拓展】take place发生,指事情有计划有安排地发生

The sports meeting took place in our school last week.

【2014四川泸州】7.Can you tell me what happened him just now?

A.with B.for C.to D.at

【2014山东菏泽】Look,so many people are running out of the station.I wonder what ____.

A.is happened B.was happening C.is happening D.had happened

8.Well,the more I got to know Julie,the more I’ve realized that we have a lot in common.

【解析】(1)“The 形容词或副词比较级( 句子),the 形容词或副词比较级( 句子)”


The harder you work,the greater progress you will make.

【2013黔西南3】—Remember this,children.______careful you are,______mistakes you will make.

—We know,Mr.Li.

A.The more;the more B.The fewer;the more C.The more;the fewer D.The less;the less

【2013茂名3】130.________ you hit the horse,_______ it will go.

A.hard;fast B.The hard;the fast C.The harder;the faster

【2014达州4】—My teachers often encourage me ______ more friends but I find it difficult.

—Your teachers’idea is right.The more friends you make,______ you will be.

A.to make;the more happy B.to make;happier

C.making;the happier D.to make;the happier

【2014昆明4】—It’s smoggy these days.That’s terrible!

—Yes,I hope to plant trees.______ trees,______air pollution.

A.The more;the fewer B.the less;the more

C.The less;the fewer D.The more;the less

【2014湖南益阳】—As a student,we should study hard.—Yes,_____ we study,____ results we’ll get.

A.The hard;the good B.The harder;the best C.The harder;the better.

【解析2】have…in common“有共同点;相似”

My sister and I have only one thing in common.我和姐姐只有一个共同点。

Cathy had very little ________ _________(共同之处)with her sister.

9.Umm...it makes Alice unhappy because she thinks Julie is now better friends with me than with her.

【解析】friend n朋友→friendly adj.有好的(反)unfriendly→friendship n友谊

【记】We are good ________.She is ________ to others.I believe our _________will last forever.(friend)

【2014上海中考】I plan to enter for a summer camp with a friend of_________.(me)

(1)make friends交朋友

(2)make friends with sb.与某人交朋友

(3)be friendly to对….友好

【2014十堰中考】It’s very friendly ________ him to help me when I’m in trouble.

A.of B.with C.to D.in

(4)be friends with sb是某人的朋友

【2014山东枣庄】Of all the teachers I love the ones who are ____ because they treat students as their

family members.

A.the strongest B.the friendliest C.the most experienced D.the funniest

【2014江苏扬州】—My friend has achieved his goal after years of hard work.—Great!________.

A.One tree can\\\'t make a forest B.Where there is a will,there is a way

C.Many hands make light work D.A friend in need is a friend indeed

【2014河北中考】27.We must protect plants.They are friends of ______.

A.we B.us C.our D.ours

9.Mmm...why don’t you ask Alice to join you each time you do something with Julie?

【解析1】Why don’t sb. do sth.?=Why not do sth.?为何不……?


Why don’t you go with us?=Why not go with us?





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