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初三英语试题What would you do

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Unit 4 What would you do


1.relax(形容词) 2.confident(名词) 

3.permit(名词) 4.invite(名词) 

5.danger(形容词) 6.catch(过去式)

答案:1.relaxed 2.confidence 3.permission 4.invitation 5.dangerous 6.caught


1.其他每个人 2.迟到 

3.看起来是友好的 4.患感冒 

5.与……相处 6.因……而出名

答案:1.everyone else 2.be late for 3.look friendly4.have a cold/catch a cold 5.get along with 6.be famous for


1.(2010石家庄模拟) I moved by this novel.

A.deep B.deeply

C.am deep D.am deeply

答案:D 由后面的by,可知道要排除A和B。deep和deeply都有形容词性质,表程度的时候用deeply。

2.He is afraid of English in public.

A.speak B.speaking

C.spoken D.speaks

答案:B of 是介词,介词后加动词的-ing形式,be afraid of doing害怕做。

3.If it were Sunday today,I go to school.

A.shan’t B.would not

C.can’t D.won’t

答案:B 在与现在情况相反的虚拟语气中,主句用would do表示。

4.If he here,he would agree with you.

A.was B.is

C.were D.will be

答案:C if 从句中的虚拟语气,无论主语是单数还是复数,谓语动词都用were表示。

5.If I you,I would go there.

A.be B.am

C.was D.were

答案:D if 从句中的虚拟语气,无论主语是单数还是复数,谓语动词be都用were表示。

6.He is very impolite.He took my book permission.

A.with his B.without his

C.without my D.on his

答案:C 没有经过我的同意用without my permission表示。


come up with get along with come top in front of take a long walk without permission introduce...to...

1.Out-going people are easy to .

2.I’m afraid of speaking many people.

3.If you can’t sleep at night,why not before going to bed.

4.Every time we don’t know what to do,my father will some good ideas.

5.Nobody could take away the books from the library .

答案:1.get along with 2.in front of 3.take a long walk 4.come up with 5.without permission


S—a shop assistant C—a customer

S: 1 

C:I’m looking for a pair of white shoes. 2 

S:What about the pair on the left?

C:It looks very nice. 3 

S:Of course.Here you are.

C:The shoes fit me quite well. 4 

S:One hundred and fifty -yuan.

C: 5 I don’t think I’ll take it.
S:Well.How about this one?It’s a bit cheaper.This kind of shoes sells very well.

C:OK.Here is the money.

A.Can I have a try?

B.That’s too expensive.

C.What can I do for you?

D.How much are they?

E.Have you got any in Size Eight?

答案:C E A D B

我综合 我发展



The right order:


1.The writer sat Mrs.White at the dinner party.

A.next to

B.opposite to

C.far from

2.The writer asked questions because .

A.he wanted to know if Mrs.White was going abroad

B.he wanted to be sociable(好交际的,友好的)

C.he always talks too much

3.“The Globe” must be a .

A.night club B.theatre C.play

4.Which word best describes Mrs.White?She was .

A.hungry B.rude C.polite


B.1.A 2.B 3.B 4.B

Be slow in choosing a friend,slower in changing.择友宜慎,弃友更宜慎。


A.  I am a little fox.I have many dreams.If I were a pilot,I could fly a plane up high in the sky.If I were a doctor,I could help people get well when they are sick.If I were a fisherman,I could feed everyone in the city.If I were a policeman,I could catch all the criminals.If I were a carpenter,I could build wonderful newhouses.If I were a teacher,I could help children learn to read wonderful books.

B.  Last week at a dinner party,the hostess asked me to sit next to Mrs.White.Mrs.White was a large,unsmiling lady in a tight black dress.She did not even look up when I took my seat beside her.Her eyes were fixed on her plate and in a short time,she was busy eating.I tried to make conversation.

“A new play is coming to ‘The Globe’ soon,” I said.“Will you be seeing it?”

“No,” she answered.

“Will you be spending your holidays abroad this year?” I asked.

In despair,I asked her whether she was enjoying her dinner.

“Young man,” she answered,“if you ate more and talked less,we would both enjoy our dinner!”


1.We the other team and the football game.

A.beat;won B.beated;won

C.won;beat D.won;beated

答案:A beat 后加人,win 后加比赛,游戏,奖品等,beat 的过去时态,过去分词是beat,beaten。

2.The Whites invited us dinner last weekend.

A.to have B.having

C.have D.had

答案:A invite sb. to do邀请某人做某事。

3.There is on this book.Don’t take it.

A.nothing interesting B.interesting nothing

C.something interesting D.anything interesting

答案:A Don’t take it.告诉我们是无趣的东西,形容词修饰不定代词时,形容词后置。

4.There are flowers in the square during National Day.

A.million of B.millions of

C.two millions D.two millions of

答案:B million,thousand,hundred,billion 等词后面加of 时,一定要用复数,当它们不与of连用时,前面应该有具体的数字。

5.He is too tired to do well.Which sentence has the same meaning?

A.It is easy for him to do the job well.

B.He can do the job well.

C.He is so tired that he can do the job well.

D.He is so tired that he can’t do the job well.

答案:D He is too tired to do well.的意思是“他太累了做不好”。跟He is so tired that he can’t do the job well.他太累了,以至于做不好这项工作,意思是一致的。
6.There are children in the park.

A.hundred B.hundred of

C.hundreds D.hundreds of

答案:D hundred 后加of要用复数。

7.Thomas Edison was a great .He many useful things.

A.inventions;intentions B.inventor;inventions

C.inventor;invented D.inventor;invent

答案:C inventor 发明家,invent 发明,invention发明物,爱迪生发明东西是发生在过去,所以用过去时态invented。

8.My daughter looks ,she looks like .

A.happily;happy B.happy;happily

C.happy;a bird D.a bird;happy

答案:C look 系动词,后面加形容词;look like 后加名词。

9.Where can see these signs?

A.other B.another

C.others D.else

答案:D else放在疑问代词的后面,表示“还有……”。本句的意思是:还有什么地方还能看到这些标志?

10.This job is for me .

A.enough difficult;to do B.difficult enough;to do it

C.too difficult;to do D.too difficult;doing it

答案:C too adj./adv. to do 太……而不能做……,不定式to do 的宾语就是句子的主语时,宾语通常省略。



I will never forget an accident that happened in my own childhood.When I was a boy of twelve,something happened to me that made me never 1 any birds in a cage.

We lived on the edge of a 2  in South Carolina,and every evening many mockingbirds would come and rest in the trees and sing.There isn’t any sound that can be 3  than the song of the mockingbird.

I decided to catch a young bird and keep it in a cage, 4  in that way,I could have my own musician.

I finally caught one and put it in a cage.The bird was 5  and fluttered about the cage,but finally it became quiet in its new home.I felt pleased with 6  and looked after my little musician carefully.

On the second day,the bird’s mother flew to the cage 7 food in her mouth.The baby bird ate up 8 she brought.I was pleased to see this.Certainly his mother knew better than I how to feed her baby.

The following morning when I went to see 9 my little bird was,I found it on the floor of the cage,dead.I was very surprised!What had happened!I had taken great 10  of the little bird,or so I thought.

Arthur Wayne,a famous scientist,happened to be in the forest where we lived at the time.Hearing me crying over the 11 of my bird,he told me what12.“A mother mockingbird,finding her young in a cage,will sometimes bring it poison food.She thinks 13 better for her young to die than to live in a cage.”

14 I never catch any birds or put them in a cage.All the birds have the right to 15in the sky.

1.A.put B.cut C.draw D.pull

2.A.river B.forest C.city D.sea

3.A.more beautiful B.less terrible

C.worse D.noisier

4.A.but B.or C.and D.though

5.A.lucky B.silent C.kind D.frightened

6.A.yourself B.myself C.herself D.himself

7.A.without B.around C.in D.with

8.A.someone B.nothing C.everything D.anyone

9.A.how B.what C.which D.whether

10.A.place B.rest C.picture D.care

11.A.death B.cage C.food D.health

12.A.could happen B.would happen

C.had happened D.has happened

13.A.one B.it C.that D.this

14.A.Soon after B.Since then

C.Just then D.Long ago

15.A.jump B.run C.fly D.walk

答案:1.A “把鸟关在笼子里”,这里的动词词组只能用put...in。

2.B 通过下句的每天晚上有许多鸟儿飞来这里休息、鸣叫,可知作者可能住在森林旁边。

3.A 这是一个形容词比较级的运用,并且作者想表达的是mockingbird的歌声最动听。

4.C 四个连词有三个表转折,但本句应该是一个顺接的关系。

5.D 本句中有一个生词flutter,通过查本卷小词典可知其意为“扑动”,那么鸟儿起初被关进笼子不断地扑动肯定是害怕了。

6.B 词组be pleased with表“对某人很满意”。

7.D 伴随状语with food。

8.C 这里有简短的定语从句everything she brought。

9.A 这是一个宾语从句I went to see how my little bird was。

10.D 词组take care of中加了一个形容词great。

11.A 全文理解法。我为鸟儿的死而哭泣,这里的“死”应该是名词。

12.C 排除法,B、D项时态不正确,A项用情态词也不正确,故选C。

13.B 本空为谓语thinks的宾语,并且是形容宾语,其真正宾语应该是to die,而这种形式主语或宾语通常用it来代替。

14.B 从此以后我再也没捉过鸟,“从此以后”用B项表达。

15.C 句子理解法。所有的鸟儿都有在空中自由飞翔的权利。


The rich and the poor

The world is pided(分为)into two main parts.The difference is that one part is rich and the other is poor.In the poor part,a lot of people never get enough to eat.In the rich part,a lot of people eat too much.In one part,child starve (饿死)and in the other,a lot of people get fatter and fatter and have to go on diets (吃特别饮食),or do special exercises in order to lose weight.

The poorer countries have special problems.Sometimes the land is too poor to grow anything on.The land can be improved (改善),but a lot of things must be done first.The people must be educated an water must be found.

But rich countries have problems,too.There are not always pleasant places to live in.Sometimes the air is too dirty to breathe,and the rivers are too dirty to swim in or to take water from.The roads are too crowded to drive along.Large numbers of people do not have decent(像样的)housed to live in.Some things will have to be done aboutthese problems.

The air and the river will have to be cleaned,and more houses will have to be built.

Answer the questions:

1.What’s the difference between the two parts?

2.Do the poorer countries have many problems?

3.Can anything be done about it?

4.What must be done,for example?

5.Can all this be done easily?

答案:1.The difference is that one part is rich and the other is poor.

2.Yes,they do.

3.Yes.Land can be improved,but a lot of things must be done first.

4.The people,for example,must be educated and water must be found.

5.No,it can’t be done easily.






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