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中国某知名大学硕士,讲师。 授课经验丰富,能够抓住考题重点和出题要领,使学生做到点、线、面结合,利用有限时间,达到事半功倍的效果。











The Americans believe that anybody can become President of the United States. In a recent Hollywood comedy(喜剧), that is exactly what happens.

Dave Kovic, played by Kevin Kline, is a kind-hearted man who runs a business that finds people jobs. He leads a typical(典型的) American way of life, except for one thing-he looks exactly like the President, Bill Mitchell. In fact, the only thing that makes him different from the nation‘s leader is that he is very nice!

The president has started using look-alikes during some public appearances. Dave is offered a chance to “serve his country” by becoming one. However, things go wrong. The President becomes very ill and Dave ends up acting as the President forever.

Director Ivan Reitman, who made the popular and successful comedies like Twins, Ghostbusters and Legal Eagles, could have gone for easy laughs by making fun of the American government. Instead, Dave is an attractive comedy about an ordinary man in extraordinary situations. Kevin Kline gives a double performance as Dave and the President, and Sigourney Weaver is at her best as his First Lady. The love story that develops between her role and Dave is a real classic(经典)。

The film is 100% American. However, if you‘ve ever felt that anybody could do a better job running the country than the people in power, then you’ll enjoy Dave!

1.What is the purpose of the text?

A.To tell the reader about the American government.

B.To discus the Americans‘ ideas about the President.

C.To make a comparison between Dave and other films.

D.To introduce a new film to the reader.

2.Who plays the role of the President in the film?

A. Sigourney Weaver.B. Kevin Kline.C. Bill Mitchell. D. Ivan Reitman.

3.The underlined word “one” in the 3rd paragraph refers to _____.

A. the PresidentB. the directorC. an actorD. a look-alike

4.Which of the following is best supported by the text?

A.The author makes fun of the President.

B.The author thinks highly of the film.

C.The author is a fan of Hollywood comedies.

D.The author wishes to become the American President.


Like many lovers of books, Mary and her husband, Richard Goldman, seldom walked past a bookstore without stopping to look inside. They often talked of opening their own store one day.

When Mary was hospitalized with heart trouble in 1989, they decided it was time to get serious. Richard, who worked for a business company, was eager to work for himself, and Mary needed to slow down from her demanding job.

They started by talking to bookstore owners and researching the industry. “We knew it had to be a specialty store because we couldn‘t match the big chains dollar for dollar,” says Mary. One figure caught her attention: She’d read somewhere that roughly 20 percent of books sold were mysteries (推理小说), and many buyers spent more $300 a year on books. She and Richard were themselves mystery readers.

On Halloween 1992, they opened the Mystery Lovers Bookshop and Café near their home. With three children in college, the couple could not spend all the family‘s money to start a shop. To cover the $100,000 cost, they drew some of their savings, borrowed from relatives and from an bank.

The store merely broke even in its first year, with only $120,000 in sales. But Mary was always coming up with new ways to attract customers. The shop had a coffee bar and it offered gifts to mystery lovers and served dinners for book clubs that met in the store. She also invited dozens of writers to discuss their stories.

Today Mystery Lovers makes sales of about $420,000 a year. After paying taxes, business costs and the six part-time sales clerks, Richard and Mary together earn about $34,000.

“The job you love may not go hand in hand with a million-dollar income,” says Richard. “This has always been about an enjoyable life for ourselves, not about making a lot of money.”

1.When Mary was in hospital, the couple realized that ____.

A.they had to put their plan into practice

B.health was more important than wealth

C.heart trouble was a serious illness

D.they both needed to stop working

2.After Mary got well from her illness they began _____.

A.to study industrial management

B.to buy and read more mystery books

C.to do market research on book business

D.to work harder to save money for the bookstore

3.How did their bookstore do in the first year?

A.They had to borrow money to keep it going.

B.They made just enough to cover all the costs.

C.They succeeded in earning a lot of money.

D.They failed though they worked hard.

4.According to Richard, the main purpose of running the bookstore is _____.

A. to pay for their children‘s educationB. to get to know more writers

C. to set up more bookstoresD. to do what they like to do