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“I see you’ve got a bit of water on your coat,”said the man at the petrol station.“Is it raining out there?”“No,it’s pretty nice,”I replied,checking my sleeve.“Oh,right.A pony(马驹)bit me earlier.”

As it happened,the bite was virtually painless:more the kind of small bite you might get from a naughty child.The pony responsible was queuing up for some ice cream in the car park near Haytor,and perhaps thought I’d jumped in ahead of him.

The reason why the ponies here are naughty is that Haytor is a tourist-heavy area and tourists are constantly feeding the ponies foods,despite sighs asking them not to.By feeding the ponies,tourists increase the risk of them getting hit by a car,and make them harder to gather during the area’s annual pony drift(迁移).

The purpose of a pony drift is to gather them up so their health can be checked,the baby ones can be stooped from feeding on their mother’s milk,and those who’ve gone beyond their limited area can be returned to their correct area.Some of them are also later sold,in order to limit the number of ponies according to the rules set by Natural England.

Three weeks ago,I witnessed a small near-disaster a few mils west of here.While walking,I noticed a pony roll over on his back.“Hello!”I said to him,assuming he was just rolling for fun,but he was very still and,as I got closer,I saw him kicking his legs in the air and breathing heavily.I began to properly worry about him.Fortunately,I managed to get in touch with a Dartmoor’s Livestock Protection officer and send her a photo.The officer immediately sent a local farmer out to check on the pony.The pony had actually been trapped between two rocks.The farmer freed him,and he began to run happily around again.

Dartmoor has 1,000 or so ponies,who play a critical role in creating the diversity of species in this area.Many people are working hard to preserve these ponies,and trying to come up with plans to find a sustainable(可持续的)future for one of Dartmoor’s most financially-troubled elements.

51.Why are tourists asked not to feed the ponies?

A.To protect the tourists from being bitten

B.To keep the ponies off the petrol station

C.To avoid putting the ponies in danger

D.To prevent the ponies from fighting

52.One of the purposes of the annual pony drift is ______________.

A.to feed baby ponies on milk

B.to control the number of ponies

C.to expand the habitat for ponies

D.to sell the ponies at a good price

53.What as the author’s first reaction when he saw a pony roll on its back?

A.He freed it from the trap

B.He called a protection officer

C.He worried about it very much

D.He thought of it as being naughty

54.What does the author imply about the preservation of Dartmoor’s ponies?

A.It lacks people’s involvement.

B.It costs a large amount of money

C.It will affect tourism in Dartmoor.

D.It has caused an imbalance of species


【答案】51.C 52.B 53.D 54.B


52.B细节理解题。根据第四段内容“The purpose of a pony drift is to…Some of them are also…,in order to limit the number of ponies…”可知马驹迁移目的之一是为了控制马驹的数量。故选B项。

53.D细节理解题。根据第五段中的“…,assuming he was just rolling for fun,…”可知作者认为小马驹很淘气,滚着玩的。故选D项。

54.B推理判断题。根据最后一段中尾句“Many people are working hard to preserve these ponies,and trying to come up with plans to find a sustainable(可持续的)future for one of Dartmoor‟s most financially-troubled elements.”可知保护马驹是对Dartmoor来说是一笔很大的开销。故选B项。


1. 反复朗读生词;

2. 反复朗读生词的拼写;

3. 在脑海里反复重现生词的形象;

4. 在脑海里重复生词的发音;

5. 在脑海里重复生词的拼写;

6. 反复写下生词;

7. 反复看生词;

8. 联想一个与生词发音相像的熟知的词一起记;

9. 联想一个和生词拼写类似(或有一部分拼写相同)的熟知的词一起记;

10. 联想生词的同义词一块来记;

11. 联想生词的反义词一块来记;

12. 把生词按语意分类记 如:动物、蔬菜、日常用品等;

13. 通过分析生词的前缀、词根和后缀来帮助记忆;

14. 把生词及其中文解释重复写或读许多遍以帮助记忆;

15. 把生词及其英文解释重复写或读许多遍以帮助记忆;

16. 在脑海里编造一句话把生词放在一个具体的语境中;

17. 在脑海里编造一句话把生词和一个熟词联系在一起;

18. 记某些生词时(如,stinking 臭的), 把感觉和意义一块记;

19. 把生词按词性分类记。


1. 根据上下文的线索猜测词的含义;

2. 运用常识以及一般性知识来推测词的含义;

3. 查字典得到词的准确意思和用法;

4. 将词及它的意思记在笔记本上;

5. 将词及它的用法记在笔记本上;

6. 通过口头重复记单词;

7. 通过反复默读记单词;

8. 通过英文或中文释义来记单词;

9. 通过联想一个和所记单词相似的熟悉的词;