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551. I‘d like to look at some sweaters. 我想看看毛衣。

552. Its origin is still a mystery now. 它的起源至今仍是个谜。

553. Money is no more than our servant. 金钱不过是我们的仆人。

554. Once you begin,you must continue. 一旦开始,你就得继续。

555. She is poor but quite respectable. 她虽穷,人品却很端正。

556. She spent a lot of money on books. 她花了很多钱来买书。

557. The girl in red is his girlfriend. 穿红衣服的那个女孩是他的女朋友。

558. There is a chair below the window. 窗户下面有一把椅子。

559. They employed him as a consultant. 他们雇用他为顾问。

560. To be honest with you,I‘m twenty. 老实说,我20 岁。

561. We often call him by his nickname. 我们经常叫他的绰号。

562. Will you be free tomorrow evening? 你明晚有空吗?

563. Would you like to leave a message? 你要留话吗?

564. You can never turn the clock back. 时光不能倒流。

565. You may as well tell me the truth. 你还是把事实告诉我为好。

566. Are your grandparents still living? 你的祖父母还在么?

567. Can you recognize that woman,Mary? 你能认出那个女人是谁了吗,玛丽?

568. Do you have any suggestions for me? 你对我有什么建议么?

569. He is tough,but I am even tougher. 他是一个硬汉子,不过我要比他更硬。

570. He made his way through the forest. 他设法穿过了森林。

571. He suggests you leave here at once. 他建议你立刻离开这儿。

572. He was married to a friend of mine. 他和我的一个朋友结了婚。

573. He will blame you for carelessness. 他会责备你的粗心大意。

574. I can give you a number of excuses. 我可以给你说出很多韵理由。

575. I don‘t doubt that he will help me. 我不怀疑他会援助我。

576. I hope you enjoy your stay with us. 希望您在这儿过的愉快。

577. I‘d like to-repair our differences. 我愿意消除一下我们之间的分歧。

578. It‘s nothing to be surprised about. 这事不值得大惊小怪。

579. It‘s rude to stare at other people. 盯着别人看是不礼貌的。

580. Bob has always had a crush on Lucy. 鲍伯一直在爱着露茜。

581. Let‘s take a short break for lunch. 让我们休息一会儿,去吃午饭。

582. Linda speaks as if she were a boss. 琳达说话总好象她是老板。

583. She became more and more beautiful. 她变得越来越漂亮了。

584. Suppose it rains,what shall we do? 万一下雨,我们该怎么办?

585. The book is protected by copyright. 该书受版权保护。

586. The ice is hard enough to skate on. 冰已经厚得可以划冰了。

587. The price includes postage charges. 价格包括邮资在内。

588. This is a little something for you. 这是我给你们的一点心意。

589. What he likes best is making jokes. 他最喜欢开玩笑。

590. Who but Jack would do such a thing? 除了杰克谁会做这种事呢?

591. You should have a mind of your own. 你必须有自己的主见。

592. You will soon get used to the work. 你很快就会习惯于这项工作的。

593. Columbus discovered America in l492. 哥伦布于1492 年发现了美洲。

594. God helps those who he1p themselves. 上帝帮助那些自己帮自己的人。

595. He has a nice sum of money put away. 他存了一大笔钱。

596. He is heavily insured against death. 他给自己投了巨额的人身保险。

597. He used to learn everything by rote. 他过去总是死记硬背。

598. He‘s a terrible man when he‘s angry. 他生气的时候很可怕。

599. I am on my way to the grocery store. 我正在去杂货店的路上

600. I am sick of always waiting.我很讨厌无尽的等待