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新英语900句视频版 第21课:阅读与复习 文本如下:

Dear Mama,

There is so much to tell you, Mama.
Everything here seems different, but, at the same time, everything seems the same.
这里的一切, 都好像不一样. 可是, 在同样的时间, 每件事情又似乎是相同的.
Yesterday was a good example.
At 7:00 the alarm clock rang and woke us up.
I turned on the radio, and we listened to the news.
我打开了收音机, 我们收听新闻报导.
But the news is in English, not Spanish.
可是, 那是英语新闻, 不是西班牙文.
For breakfast, we have coffee and bread, but the coffee and bread don't taste the same as they do at home.
我们早餐吃面包喝咖啡, 可是这里的面包、咖啡跟家里所吃的味道却不一样.
Even the water tastes different!
At 9:00 I left the house.
At night, after dinner, we talked and watched television.
The movies here are the samewar stories, westerns, and mysteries.
At about 9:30 one of Pedro's friends stopped in to say hello.
大概九点半左右, 佩德罗的一个朋友进来寒喧了一下,
At about 11:00 Pedro called each one of his twenty girlfriends to say good night and told each one a different story.
大约在十一点左右, 佩德罗给他二十个女朋友一个一个的打电话道晚安, 并分别说了二十个不同的故事给她们听.
I like Pedro more and more.
I learn a little more English every day.
Yesterday, I learned the word "embarrassed."
我昨天学会了 "尴尬" 这个字.
love, Miguel
儿, 米盖尔上
PS You asked for a photograph. Here it is.
The girl next to me is Marta. She lives upstairs.
在我旁边那个女孩子叫玛它, 她住在我的楼上.
My father died the year I was born.
Life was difficult in Spain in those years.
那个年头, 在西班牙谋生很不容易.
My mother decided to move to Mexico because people said things were easier there. And there was no reason to stay in Barcelona.
我妈妈因为听说在墨西哥生活比较容易, 所以决定搬到那边去, 而认为没有理由留在巴塞隆纳.
It broke my mother's heart to leave, but it also broke her heart to stay.
我妈妈不舍得走, 可是又不愿留下.
She sold her diamond ring, the only thing she had, and bought two tickets to Mexico.
她把她唯一的财产钻戒卖掉, 而买了两张到墨西哥的船票.
There, in Mexico, I forgot yesterday's miseries.
到了墨西哥以后, 我把过去的困苦境遇都忘掉,
After all, I was only a child.
But our new life was not like my mother's golden dreams.
I grew up and had to go to work.
我长大后, 就必须去作事,
I was very unhappy.
We were poor and alone in the world.
At eighteen, I married an older man.
十八岁那年, 我嫁给一个年纪比较大的男人.
He had a little money, and I spent a few happy years with him.
他有一点钱, 我和他过了几年快乐的日子,
I got new clothes and lived in a fine house.
我买了很多新衣服, 并住在一栋很漂亮的房子里.
But I didn't love him, and I think he knew it, too.
不过, 我并不爱他, 我想他也知道.
It wasn't his fault. He wasn't a bad husband.
这不是他的过失, 他并不是一个不好的丈夫,
He wanted a quiet life and a big family.
他希望日子过得很平静, 及子女生得很多.
I didn't. We fought about it and made each other miserable.
而我不要, 我们为了这件事而吵架, 弄得彼此都很苦闷.
Finally we got a divorce. After that I came to New York.
最后我们离婚了, 离婚后我就到纽约来了.
My dear husband, Francisco,
I miss you, my dear, but we are happy and healthy, and the children send their love.
亲爱的, 我真想念你, 我们都很愉快很健康. 孩子们都向你问好.
Paulo is busy every minute.
He is just like you, so sensible, maybe too sensible.
他跟你一样, 脚踏实地. 也许他过度脚踏实地,
He thinks about business all the time.
He doesn't have any real friends here.
Joana is growing up before my eyes.
Every day she grows more mature, less shy, and more confident.
她一天比一天成熟, 没有以前害羞, 比以前更有自信.
She's getting serious about art again, so she's going to take some courses at one of the schools here.
她又对艺术认真起来, 因此打算在此地的一所学校进修.
She's talented, but not very patient. She has a lot to learn.
她有天分, 但没有多大耐心, 还有许多事情有待学习.
I am enjoying the Fair, but most of all, I am enjoying the children.
我很喜欢到万博会玩, 但是, 带给我最大的乐趣, 还是孩子们,
I am very proud of them.
At first, Joana was nervous about her English, but now she is almost fluent.
琼娜当初耽心她的英文不够好, 可是现在几乎和美国人一样流利了.
As a matter of fact, she is teaching me!
事实上, 她还教我呢!
So, my dear, how are you?
亲爱的, 你还好吗?
How are things at home? I miss you.
家里的情形怎么样? 我真想念你,
I read and reread all your letters.
你的信, 我都看了又看.
Your devoted wife,

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