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1. international prestige国际地位

2. promote the unification of China促进祖国的统一

3.in the long run从长远看来

4.revitalize our nation实现我们民族的伟大复兴

5.the opening-up policies 开放政策

6.lure more foreign capital吸引更多的外资

7.maintain the stability and unity of our country 维护我们国家的稳定和统一


8.lag behind(发展)滞后

9.leave… far behind 把…远远地甩到后边

10.subsistence problem温饱问题

11.an empty slogan一个空洞的口号

12.economic prosperity 经济繁荣

13. social progress社会进步

14.political stability政治稳定

15.materialistic society物质社会


16.a deep-rooted concept一个根深蒂固的观念

17.The large scale development of West China is of profound significance西部大开发具有深远意义

18. In addition,the west’s unique unfavorable geographic positions greatly limit its development 另外,西部极为不利的地理位置限制了其自身的发展。

19. If left unchanged,the underdevelopment in the west will greatly affect overall prosperity and even social stability.这种状况若不改变的话,西部的落后将极大地影响共同富裕的目标甚至社会稳定。

20. However,the western region development is a long-term systematic project.然而,西部开发是一个长期的系统工程。

21.It calls for tremendous efforts of several generations.它需要几代人的共同努力。


22.utilize the natural resources利用自然资源


24.water loss and soil erosion水土流失


26.Evidently,the deterioration of the quality of the environment threatens the existence of mankind很明显,环境质量恶化会危及人类的生存。

27. Therefore,the best solution is that we should devote to the protection of our home while we are developing our economy. 因此,最好的策略是,在发展经济的同时致力于保护环境。

28. Both the government and ordinary people should join hands to make this world a better place to live in,not only for ourselves,but also for future generations.政府和百姓应携起手来,一起打造更好的生存环境,不仅为了自己,更为了我们的子孙后代。

29. sustainable development可持续发展

30. According to its definition,the purpose of sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.根据定义,可持续发展战略提出的目的是在不损害子孙后代的利益的前提下满足今天人们的需要。


31. superior to others高人一等

32.be concerned about关心

33. the sense of achievement成就感

34.in terms of从……的角度

35. a sound attitude一种正确的态度

36. strive for为 …… 而努力

37. the pursuit of our ideals对我们理想的追求

38. material well-being物质财富

39.meet the future needs满足将来的需要

40.The fulfillment of one’s duty and obligations履行某人的职责与义务

41.Children’s love for their parents is the latter’s best reward.孩子对父母的爱是对父母最好的回报。(孝心)


42. Competition exists everywhere and it is one of the motive forces of the development of society竞争是社会生活中的一个司空见惯的现象

43. However,we often find competition exists together with cooperation.然而,我们经常发现竞争与合作共存的情况。

44. While we are advocating competition, we can?t forget cooperation.我们在倡导竞争是不可忽略合作。

45. Pure and exclusive competition leads to failures.纯粹排他的竞争会导致一事无成。

46.Only competition together with cooperation helps us a great deal in obtaining our goals and satisfying our needs.只有既竞争又合作,我们才能实现目标,才能满足自身需要。


47. The current education system现行教育体制

48. bookworm书呆子

49. the practical application of what they have learned他们所学知识的实际运用

50. challenge examination-oriented education挑战应试教育

51. advocate quality-oriented education倡导素质教育

52. focus on the students? ability as a whole重视培养学生的整体能力

53. 442. bring up a new generation培养一代新人

54. compulsory education义务教育

55. Some academic works are full of plagiarisms.一些学术作品里充满了剽窃来的思想和文字。

56. impart knowledge(to)传授知识

57. the soul engineer of mankind 人类灵魂的工程师

58.raise teachers’ social status and improve their material welfare提高教师社会地位,改善教师物质待遇。


59. make every citizen aware that 使每个人都意识到……

60. vigor and vitality生机与活力

61.an age of awakening觉醒的时期

62.play a key role 起到关键作用

63.a top priority最优先(事项)

64.contribute to solving the problem of 有助于……问题的解决

65.money-oriented salespeople惟利是图的商人